Simple to-do lists

Free. Printable. Shareable. With you everywhere. No need to sign up.

Give it a try!

Make a list
  • Double-tap to edit

  • Drag'n'drop to reorder your items

  • Refresh to clear out old items

  • Touch gestures (swipe right/left)

Whatever you like

Personal to-do list? Shopping list? Guest list for a party? List of your major goals in life? TODO is the best to-do list for you.

With you everywhere

Your lists are available anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer. At home, the office, and in between.

No need to sign up

You don’t need an account to use TODO. Your lists will live at a special URL, so just bookmark that and you’re good to go.

Print your lists

Because a real checkmark is worth more than all your tasks combined sometimes, you can print your lists nice and easy.

Simple & shareable

There are no usernames and passwords, only custom URLs which make your lists as shareable as you want them to be.

Shortcuts & gestures

TODO supports a bunch of shortcuts. And when using your lists on your smartphone or tablet, you can swipe, drag, and tap.